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Two timeless theories is written by Sebastiaan van der Meulen and has been published May 1st 2013.

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December 31st 2015.

ISBN: 9789082072907
ISBN: 9781311318107

Two timeless theories contains 195 pages in PDF format. Within the theory of the universe containts 84 pages in PDF format and the theory on human instinct contains 89 pages in PDF format.

A free ebook that teaches right from wrong using logic!

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The Revelation of Jesus Christ explained! You may download this document written below by clicking either of these links: TXT or PDF.
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Two timeless theories book description:

Humans in the world today behave from a defensive angle. To make sure they won't get hurt or get less good things in life. Humans have to man up against each other and this is caused by hierarchical society where dominant ones gain more than their fair share. To end living a defensive life humans have to be equals with all humans. This will allow humans to express themselves with respect and love.

Selfishness leads to hierarchy which is the opposite of equality. An equal society is an open society where none have to fear selfish humans. Everyone will be able to express themselves honestly without becoming prey to dominant ones. Like life used to be in the good old days with real gentlemen.

In this book all human behavior right and wrong is critically analyzed and deducted to a few root instincts that are responsible for all right and wrong behavior. Instinct is cause for social behavior. You either like something or you don't. Likes and dislikes are feelings caused by instinct. Without instinct one wouldn't feel right or wrong or like or dislike. You wouldn't feel anything mentally.

In my analysis I discovered humans have a group of primitive instincts and also a group of evolved instincts. Humans are able to choose between the group of primitive behavioral instincts and the evolved behavioral instincts. The primitive instincts are animalistic and cause selfishness while the evolved instincts are humane and cooperative. This causes humans to have different social behaviors.

This book first explains the right and wrongs in human society and follows up with a logic model that demonstrates human mentality and questions such as what causes mental diseases are also answered.


Hello my name is Sebastiaan van der Meulen and I enjoy thinking about humans and the universe. I have spent the last few years thinking up a three dimensional model of the universe using a single type of particle that explains everything exactly. The particle used in my theory has no complications and is the most simplistic form a particle could ever be. From gravity to earth its seasons, from atom to black hole the particle never fails. All phenomena in the universe are logically explained.

I have a strong emotional intelligence and this sensitivity combined with logical thinking has led me to form a map of human behavior. Humans evolved to be good beings that care for each other. Yet humans also inherited animalistic instincts. Because I mapped human behavior I can explain you the difference between animalistic and humane instincts and how humans can become happy, strong and prosperous in a world that today doesn't really know how to do this rightfully.


An interview with the author:

Have you ever had Writers Block?

My work takes a lot of thinking and that is what I enjoy the most! As with the book Two timeless theories I get to visualize shapes and how they interact which is fun to do. Also as theories work they get to be technical which makes for a big writing process.

What topics are of interest to you?

I am luckily most interested in humans, which I write about too. I enjoy understanding human instincts and how it makes people when together just about perfect. Next to that I enjoy particle physics and the way the universe is formed. There are no limits in this topic.

What inspires you as a writer?

My imagination, I can dream all day and think about any subject without restrictions. There is no limit as to what one can dream about and it is this imagining which inspires my writing. Next to that the unknown has always been knocking on my door and my search never stops.

What has been your most popular book to date?

Without any question my own work, as book author and any other book author can tell you the book you write is the one you love forever. When you read back your own work as an author you simply cannot help but smile as the work you bring forth may inspire others.


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Nature of the Sun.

Both the books "Nature of the Sun" and "Two timeless theories" are similar however they are promoted each for their respective theory. Basically you get a book with two theories for the price of one no matter which one you download. The ebook Nature of the Sun can be found here:

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